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“I had my eyelid surgery on August 24, 2010, and was able to celebrate my 50th birthday on September 8, 2010 – eyes wide open. The procedure was painless and quick. I was awake so Dr. Singh and my anesthesiologist were able to communicate with me, placing my mind at ease. My eyes were swollen for about a week, and I had very little bruising. I was able to attend my son’s football game within a week after surgery. Once the stitches were moved, 7 days later, the swelling and slight bruising disappeared. Dr Singh’s precision with this surgery made my recovery and results beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is thinking of eliminating sagging eyelids while enhancing their appearance.”

— Shauna M.

“I had tried everything for my “Puffy” under eye fat that made me look tired old and bloated. Cold and hot compresses, cucumbers, tea bags, vitamins and endless expensive creams and gels, only to learn that this under eye area of fat could be caused by a number of things such as excessive drinking lack of sleep, poor diet, heredity, or in my case, years of allergies, Only to learn all the exercise would not remove this under eye fat.

After months of research, the one name that continued to come up from other Doctors and patients was Dr. Swati Singh. The results of my surgery are remarkable, the procedure was quick and I was able to return to work in less than a week with no discomfort. The procedure helped me look refreshed and well rested for years. I am also very pleased with the other services that Dr. Singh has to offer and have been returning over the years.”

— Michael J.

“After being a patient/client for 9 years, I can attest to their competence, abilities and professionalism that meet the highest standards. From having had my Lasik eye surgery to skin care treatments, I have the utmost confidence that I am in competent, expert care with Laservue’s doctor’s and their office staff. Not only have I been very happy with all the successful treatments I’ve received with them, I am so appreciative of the entire facilities generous, friendly and caring efforts to ensure you feel welcome and cared for with all your interactions, phone calls, office visits and services.”

— Maria M.

“I have been going to Dr. Singh for more than four years, and she has taken years off of my face! Dr. Singh is a talented and kind physician. She always makes me comfortable and does everything possible to prevent swelling and bruising that can follow cosmetic procedures.

To date, I have gone to Dr. Singh at her state-of-the-art offices in both San Francisco and Santa Rosa for the following:

Dr. Singh is one of the most caring physicians I have ever met. She always explains the steps she is going to take before she does anything, and she takes the time to make sure I am numb before injecting fillers, etc. She has called me after procedures to ask how I am doing and to make sure I don’t have swelling that could be problematic. Dr. Singh is also cautious on my behalf. She asks how I feel about various risks. For example, before going with Radiesse, she wanted to make sure I knew that it was a more permanent filler and asked if that was going to be okay with me.

Finally, and most importantly, I look younger than I have in years because of the wonderful treatments Dr. Singh has given me.”

— Lisa D.

“I have been a client for aesthetic services at FountainGrove MedSpa for over a year and decided to try Dysport when they offered a $75 dollar rebate!! I had had this service previously with another Doctor and was not thrilled with the results, but decided with the rebate to give it another chance. Dr. Singh has a gentle touch and extensive knowledge of the products available to address my deep wrinkles. I have been 100% pleased with the results! Thank you, Dr. Singh!”

— Jen F.