Medical Microdermabrasion

Facial Skin Care - Medical Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is like a gentle sand-blasting of the skin, exfoliating the upper layers and vacuuming impurities to unclog pores. The microdermabrasion facial skin care process works on all skin types and colors. 

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Chemical Skin Peels

Facial Skin Care - Chemical Peel

FountianGrove MedSpa is offering the chemical peel that Sonoma County clients can feel safe about and know that top professionals are preforming the skin peel. It’s no surprise that as we age, our skin is one of the first things to give it away.  A chemical skin peel a type of facial skin care treatment that is the perfect way to fight the signs of aging and give you more youthful and health complexion.

The skin peel process is simple.  A chemical solution is applied to the skin which in return will make it blister and eventually peel off.  The new skin is smoother and less wrinkled than before.  Don’t think a chemical skin peel can only be done on the face.  It can also be done on the neck or hands.  Here at FountainGrove MedSpa we realize that obtaining youthful skin takes some work and that’s why we offer an extensive range of facial skin care treatments.

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