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CoolSculpting® Elite

Tired Of Stubborn Fat?

CoolSculpting® is exciting! It’s the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical option, for body contouring. CoolSculpting® is a world wide choice for fat loss and fat reduction.

We offer FREE CoolSculpting® consultations! We want to see if we can help you reduce fat in those annoying areas of body fat.

Stubborn Belly Fat

We know that you work hard, eat right, and exercise. But sometimes there are still those stubborn fat areas. That’s because some areas of fat are just resistant to diet and exercise. That’s where FountainGrove MedSpa steps in to help the residents of Sonoma County achieve their body contouring goals. Our goal is to help you achieve noticeable, lasting results from your fat loss treatment.

That’s why we offer both CoolSculpting® Elite and CoolTone® at FountainGrove MedSpa in Santa Rosa, CA.

As one of the first Medical Spas in Sonoma County to offer both CoolSculpting Elite® and CoolTone®, we strive to help you reach your goals to reduce stubborn fat and tone your muscles.

More about Fat Loss

FountainGrove MedSpa is dedicated to CoolSculpting® and how we can help you reduce fat in those stubborn areas. 

CoolSculpting® can help treat body fat in areas like:

  • Abdomen Fat
  • Flank Fat
  • Chin Fat
  • Arm Fat
  • Butt Fat
  • Inner Thigh Fat

You can also read CoolSculpting® FAQ’s – directly from CoolSculpting® HERE!

Have you been working on your fat loss? Hesitant to try CoolSculpting® because of the cost? We get it! But there’s a few things you should know. Be sure to checkout our Peace of Mind Promise. Which includes our Price Match Guarantee and our Cool New You Guarantee.

And don’t forget, FountainGrove MedSpa now offers CoolSculpting® Elite. This allows treating two areas at once which in turn will cut your treatment time in half!

CoolSculpting Elite

Start your Fat Loss journey with CoolSculpting® Elite

CoolSculpting® Elite is an Investment in Yourself 

We truly believe that CoolSculpting is beyond looking your best – it’s about feeling your best.  For many people, male or female, there are simply parts of our body that hold us back from being truly confident.  Despite eating healthy and regular exercise, there can still be areas of the body resistant to change, so CoolSculpting uses Cryolipolysis (cryo = icy cold + lipolysis = chemical decomposition of fat), a precisely controlled cooling method, to treat those stubborn fat bulges.  Targeted areas can include the abdomen (“muffin-top”), flank (those pesky “love handles”), thighs, upper arms, and underneath the buttocks, or under the chin.

What better gift can you give to yourself than investing in your health and wellness?  By taking advantage of noninvasive CoolSculpting to gain the confidence you’ve always wanted, you’ll be practicing one of the very best forms of self-care. We know you’ve got goals – let us help you achieve them.

CoolSculpting® Elite is More Affordable Than Other Options

While the cost varies depending on the area of the body that is being treated, CoolSculpting can be much more affordable than alternative procedures, such as liposuction – which is a riskier, more painful invasive form of surgery.  So, how much does it cost?   Well, the smaller the treatment area, the lower the cost.  The investment you are making in yourself will depend on if you have multiple areas you want treated, or if you need multiple treatments for a specific area.  When you complete your consult, we will answer your questions and provide you with a custom treatment plan, complete with pricing, in a no-judgement, no-pressure environment.  Everyone’s body is unique and not one size fits all – that’s why all our treatment plans are completely custom!  Many of our clients have multiple areas that frustrate them, but chose to tackle their biggest frustration first. Then, after experiencing it and seeing the results first hand, are excited to quickly move forward with other areas.

CoolSculpting® Elite can be Financed!

Since CoolSculpting is a voluntary cosmetic treatment and not medically necessary, it’s not typically covered by healthcare insurance providers.  So, clients pay for the cost entirely out of pocket.  However, the upfront cost doesn’t have to be the reason you don’t invest in yourself with CoolSculpting! FountainGrove MedSpa has partnered with GreenSky to give you financing options.  GreenSky works as a link between FountainGrove MedSpa, clients, and banks to set you up on an affordable payment plan through a loan agreement.  An advantage of using GreenSky is that they offer flexible payment promotions, and often, your financing may have deferred interest.  That means it may not cost you anything extra to finance your CoolSculpting treatments if you repay the balance during the promotional period, so you can get your fat frozen without causing a financial burden.  If you’re curious about what financing options and payment plans you qualify for via GreenSky, you can use their monthly payment estimation calculator and even apply online by clicking here.

Additional CoolSculpting Resources – CoolSculpting® FAQ

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*Individual Results Will Vary – But be sure to checkout our Cool New You Promise